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Monastic Crafts

5 Lilac Memorial Beeswax Tapers (Thin 10in)

5 Lilac Memorial Beeswax Tapers (Thin 10in)

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Five Lilac, 10 Inch Thin Memorial Beeswax Tapers - Elevate your commemorative prayers with our pure beeswax Memorial Candles. The intentional design of this taper features an elegant cross design with a tapered, self-fitting base. Our bundles are adorned by a black satin bow, and 'Memory Eternal' tags may vary in availability.

Length: 10 1/8 in, 26cm
Base diameter: 3/8 in, 1 cm
Approx. Burn Time 3 to 4 Hours (each candle)
SKU: 3139-BNDL

Also available in larger quantities! Check out our Case of Memorial Candles (10in).


At Monastic Crafts, we exclusively use pure farm beeswax, a natural renewable resource, paired with all organic materials, including 100% cotton wicking, which ensures our tapered candles purify, improve and cleanse the air throughout their long-lasting and healthy burn. Our meticulous, hand poured process and reliable designs allow our candles to collectively emit a natural honey aroma and soothing, yet bright and golden glow.

Beeswax candles will develop a dusty looking surface, also referred to as “bloom”, over time. This is a good indication that your candles are made from pure beeswax. 

If you prefer a cleaner, or more golden presentation for your candles, you may ball up nylons, stockings or a similar fabric to rub them down. The microfiber will remove the “bloom”, or ‘frost look’ without harming the candle. This will also pick up any dirt or dust from the candles, should they develop based on how they were stored.

Care Information

For proper storage to avoid leaning and warping, store your candles in a cool, dark, dry place, always laying taper candles flat - you can wrap them loosely in tissue paper. 

Sun exposure and heat may slightly deform and/or cause your beeswax candles to lean and warp.

Never put your candle in the freezer. It will not only damage the candle and its container from temperature change but may cause candle cracking.

Beeswax candles don’t have a shelf-life. Being they are a natural product, there is a possibility that they can be difficult to burn if they haven’t been stored properly. We recommend burning your candles within a year of purchasing them. The influence of heat, dust, or other environmental factors and human errors may raise the risk for a poor burn in the future.


To prevent wax from sticking to your candleholder or an easier clean-up, rub a very thin coat of olive oil or petroleum jelly on the base of the holder before placing and lighting your candle.

If your holder has wax buildup, mix olive oil with dish soap to carefully clean it out. We prefer Dawn dish soap.

If there is wax on metal candlesticks - run the candle holders under hot water. The heat will allow you to then wipe it away. If it is not fully removed, add a small amount of Dawn liquid dish soap to wipe, not scrub, the wax away.

Should you develop soot on your walls - use a chemical sponge (dry cleaning sponge), without water. We recommend a slow wiping motion rather than vigorous scrubbing. Once the soot is removed, use water and a liquid soap or cleaning agent, such as Dawn dishwasher detergent, vinegar, or rubbing alcohol, to softly dab and blot the wall. Dry using a clean towel.

If you get beeswax on fabric, an easy removal method is to cover the fabric with a paper towel. Lightly press a warm iron over the wax and repeat until the wax is absorbed.

Candle Safety

Monastic Crafts urges consumers to read and follow safe candle burning tips before lighting or using any of our beeswax candles or products.

Beeswax candles are safe but like all candles, should never be burned or left unattended. Monastic Crafts is not responsible for any harm, injury or accidents resulting from unsafe candle burning or uncontrolled flames.

There is no such thing as a soot-free wax. All organic compounds when burned will emit some carbon (soot) due to incomplete combustion. However, beeswax burns hotter than paraffin wax and will have less overall soot.

Pure beeswax candles are naturally smokeless and do not contain chemicals fragrances. These candles burn clean with little to no smoke when trimmed properly. They are better for the environment than candles that are made from paraffin wax, being they don’t release harmful chemicals when you burn them.

Using clean-burning beeswax candles helps to cut down on in-home air pollution that can contribute to anxiety, headaches or even asthma.


Always monitor lit candles and extinguish all candles before leaving the room or retiring for the evening.

Always place lit candles in a safe place away from children and pets.

Remove paper label(s) from candles before burning.

It is not recommended to burn beeswax candles in hurricane glass being beeswax candles burn at a higher temperature than other wax candles. Beeswax is one of the densest waxes and has a high melting point of approximately 149° Fahrenheit.

Beeswax candles may be slightly harder to light than other types of candles. We recommend lighting the candle at the base of the wick as opposed to the wick top.

Beeswax candles burn clean with little to no smoke when burned properly. To help prevent dripping and ensure even burning, never trim the wick on tapers.

A flickering flame may indicate a draft within your environment – a steady flame is a peaceful flame.

Burn candles only in a draft-free environment. Flames have the potential to grow high if they are burned near a draft or ventilation system.

Drafts and air movement may have the potential to cause issues with your burning experience - heaters, ceiling fans, air circulation systems, open doors or windows and even just people moving around a space, can all cause enough air movement to cause a candle to drip.

Use a safe, suitable, sturdy candle holder more heat-resistant surface. If you find wax on your candle holders or furniture, The candle might not be completely vertical. If your candle isn’t sitting straight, it will burn unevenly, which can lead to wax running too far down the candle before it hardens.

Do not extinguish candles with water. Water on the surface of your candle and wick may impact they way your candle burns, resulting in small noises or erratic flames when burning.

Using a snuffer to extinguish the flame will reduce the emission of black smoke and wax splatter. If you do not have a snuffer, use a toothpick to bend the wick slightly into the wax until the flame is out, then bend it back upright.

Once you light your candle - let it be! Avoid moving or disturbing the candle when the wax is liquid. It will not only disrupt the burning flame but you may increase the possibility of burning ones self. If you must move the candle, blow out the flame first.

Do not place the candle close to walls or other flammable materials, such as drapes or curtains. Keep the candle at least 1-3 feet away from a wall to prevent candle sooting.

Do not place burning candles near flammable liquids or combustible materials.

Order Fulfillment

Monastics Crafts offers shipping and a pick-up option for locals from our warehouse in Delray Beach, Florida.

Please note that 'fulfillment' refers to the time required to craft, package and create a shipping label for your order. The fulfillment window does not include shipping time required for the delivery of your order.

Orders are generally fulfilled within 4-5 business days.

At peak seasons (i.e. directly following Black Friday, Christmas and Easter) our fulfillment window is extended to 5-10 business days.

Please allow 5-10 business days for the fulfillment of custom made-to-order items & bulk cases.

Please note, all of our products are custom made, hand poured candles made especially for you. Some orders may take an additional day to process. If your order is further delayed for any reason, we will reach out to you with options.

Order Shipping

Shipping options for your order can be reviewed and selected at Checkout.

We ship anywhere within North America.

Orders shipped to Hawaii or Alaska cannot go Ground and thus will incur the published rate, which will be visible on the checkout page.

We may ship large sized candles and large orders UPS Ground if it is a more economical way to ship your order.

Shipping days are considered Monday through Friday except for USPS postal holidays & Major Orthodox Feasts and Holidays.

Monastic Crafts, LLC is not responsible for loss or damage to packages that occurs during the shipping process. Please contact your carrier to file a claim. You may need to retain the package until your claim is approved. A separate order will need to be placed to replace damaged goods. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns as we are happy to help you, or refer to our Terms of Service for more details.

Recycling Program

We gladly accept any used wax donations.

If you wish to join our Bulk Recycling Program to receive a $2 credit per pound of Monastic Crafts' wax - please contact us at

We cannot provide credit for wax that is not produced by Monastic Crafts, but will gladly accept it!

Customer Guarantee

All of our beeswax products are hand crafted, therefore none of them will be exactly the same. There is always a possibility of slight flaws or grooves within our artistic creations.

Being we work with 100% pure farm beeswax produced by honeybees, the composition or color of raw beeswax can vary thought each harvest or beeyard the same way that raw honey does. Different flowers produce different nectars, some with higher humidity levels than others and it can be reflected on the beeswax.

Freshly made candles have a yellow to light brown or golden appearance. Over time, beeswax candles will develop a dusty looking surface, this is known as “bloom.” This is a good indication of the purity of your candles being beeswax and will explain the difference you may seen photographed - simply shelf life. Beeswax however does not expire, so it is not an indication of a defunct candle.

We guarantee that our candles burn properly and to generally be free from defects. Should there be any damages or issues due to production please contact us and review our Returns & Refund Policy Page.

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