Collection: Bundles - 'At Home' Candles

Crafted from 100% farm beeswax, our hand-poured candles, available individually or in bundles, infuse elegance and warmth into any space. Ideal for serene atmospheres, celebrations, or thoughtful gifts, they bring nature's beauty to life! 
  • “Our parish loves the quality of these candles, more importantly we fully support a company that is working to give back to the mission of St. John and the Benevolent Fund.” 
    Archpriest Yaroslav Lutoschin, St. Luke the Blessed Surgeon, Pompano, FL 

  • “They are perfect! We are happy to have you as our new candle vendor. We will be placing more orders for your fine candles.” 
    Peter Schweitzer, St. Gregory the Theologian Russian Orthodox Church, Tampa FL