Our Craft

As Orthodox Christians we are taught that candles symbolize the Light of God or the Flame of Faith. Our deep connection with God comes mostly with prayer. Lighting a candle accompanied by prayer allows us to edge closer to God, whether we pray for ourselves or our loved ones. Candles are symbolism for prayer, light, and a route to asking for our prayers to be answered.

Monastic Crafts’ candles are handcrafted through a very detailed and precise process. We use all-natural and organic products paired with 100% pure farm beeswax. 

Each candle is designed with intention - carefully crafted and hand-poured. 
Some say beeswax can be difficult to work with and time consuming, but we have a true love for what we create and working with beeswax is a labor of love.

Our Beeswax candles not only have a naturally sweet smelling aroma and brilliant golden color, they are the healthiest choice when it comes to candles - free of harsh synthetic materials. Orthodox have used pure candles produced by virgin bees because it represents the human nature of Christ which came from the Holy Virgin Mary.

Additionally, being a natural renewable resource, beeswax candles purify the air as they burn. It is truly rewarding to know that our candles may enhance one’s spiritual and prayerful experience with clean, long-burning and dripless candles.